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TESTIMONIALS for TeMar German Shepherds.

German Shepherd Breeder in Canby, Oregon.

Hi Mary

Meant to email you this morning. Picked Katie up with no issues. She's absolutely perfect. She knew how to handle our existing dog and there are no issues whatsoever.  She's settled in well except she doesn't like the stairs so I reset up her bed down there for now.  I didn't want her to push her, I figured she'd get comfortable in the next few days and find her way around. We take her out and she's been perfect. And we found out she likes squirrels.  She listens well and I think will be a great fit into our family.


shapeimage 1Hi Mary,

I just wanted to share with you a short update on Gus, our 7 month old Queeni/Zeager pup.

I've attached a couple pictures for you. He has become quite the handsome guy, and he has the personality to match.

He successfully completed two basic obedience group classes, went through additional training with Paul, and has started some tracking on Sundays with the club. He loves going to the Hondo dog park in Hillsboro and chasing balls with friends. We also meet Paul a couple times a week for puppy romp sessions with Rael & Nina. 

I could not be more pleased with his disposition, his willingness to learn, and his overall companionship. I know he still has a ton of maturing to do, and I can't wait to see what kind of an adult he becomes.

Thought you might like to hear how well he's doing. I wish you the best with your current litters!

Thank You!


Allison W.


 Hi Mary

I wanted to thank you for this wonderful creature. His name has been changed to Bodhi and he has become our best friend.

We have been training with Ken Schilling in Eugene. Helena, my wife, has been Bodhi's handler for both obedience and protection training. The training is going well though he we are dealing with a bit of dog aggression.

The day we picked him up from your place he marched out of his kennel like he owned the world. I think he still feels that way.

Our 13 year old Sheppard just passed away last week, so we have a hole in our home and in our hearts. I wanted to get on your list for a female when you've got someone coming up. I'll check the web site too.

I wanted to update you on Bodhi and check in. I would love to come up to one of your trainings if that's appropriate.

Be Well

Jaye S

Hi!  Haven't sent a message in quite some time and thought I'd let you know our Genna (Gina) is doing great.  She is the love of our life.  We had our ups and downs at first as she was so full of energy and did not like anyone but Ron and I and the other animals of the house.  Today she is still very protective but accepts whoever we accept.

I wanted to mention that today I attended a dog show for the first time in a couple of years.  A friend of mine who has Danes and Corgis was there and I was bragging about our Genna.  She was familiar with Diego as was her handler and another handler who was talking with us.  So his fame has definitely spread.

I was looking at the web site and saw that Teela has been bred to him.  I would love to have one of their pups - I bet they will be awsome.  Of couse, I would need to win the lottery first but who knows!!

I'll keep watching the web site for the birth announcement.

Hope you and your family are healthy, God bless, and keep up the good work.

Mary Ann

Hi Mary...

She's wonderful.  Thank you so much to allowing us to adopt Penni.

Our little princess is adjusting very well (better that our two Maine Coon cats but that will happen soon!).  We spent Sunday getting acquainted and today she went to my office with me and was an angel.  She slept most of the day...the boss was pleased...and I got a lot of work done.  She is so smart!  The potty training is going well (only two little accidents and I'm sure it was my fault!).

We have an appointment with our vet next week to have her microchipped and to give him your vaccination records.

She has been so fun to show off...she's so beautiful.  Thank you so much!

Tom, Cheryl & Nicole W


I picked up Puller Lewis "Chesty" v. TeMar last night right on schedule.  What a great puppy...he is certainly a large one.  He is already fitting in well.  I went to and spent about $300 on products yesterday morning and I noticed they have a refer a friend program.  Be sure to let them know you referred me so you can get 10% off of your next big order.

I asked Chesty how the flight was and he said that it was a full flight but the ginger ale and peanuts were especially good.  :o)  

Very Truly Yours,


Hi Mary,

Rehn is doing great. Amazingly we have had no accidents at all in the first week with our little girl. Her ears are both up now and she is having a great time being our puppy. Rehn and I start Puppy Kindergarten 12/2/06 for six weeks. It will give us both something fun to do on Saturday mornings besides shopping at Petco. She visits with the "Pack" next door and has been invited to stop by the Pajama And Dog Thanksgiving that my neighbors and all their friends have every year. You really sent me a great dog and she will have a full, fun and safe life with us. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Hi Mary,

We met another TeMar shepherd today @ Petco, picking up Konig's food.  It was 4 month old Sammy, with a soft coat. What a cutie!  The owner & I chatted about Konig and Sammy. Owner had seen Konig's picture on your website.  I should have exchanged names, we live not too far from one another, but we didn't. Fun to see another of your dogs.

I heard from Sammy's owner today that you have quite a few puppies now, so I know you are busy.

Thanks again for a great dog.  Janet L.

Happy New Year Mary!

Hope all is well with you. Rehn is such a great dog and I never get tired of all the compliments about how beautiful she is but the best compliments come from people who actually know dogs and the breed like my vet and my trainers. They compliment her temperment and behavior which is fantastic. We work very hard every day on obedience and social skills and Rehn is so confident and proud that she makes it easy and fun. My friends are amazed that she is such a good house dog. My husband and I have a game to "catch her being good" and reward her when she's not right with us and we compare notes every night.  Many people ask where I got her and I always compliment the great breeding program Rehn comes from. We all really love this dog.



Quando is a beautiful and well mannered addition to our family.

Thank you,


Hi Mary,

I hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to send a note to you and let you know that the GS we purchased from you has been a wonderful dog.  The boys, especially my older one is always play with Rogue.  He love to run and run.  Chase the ball or hockey puck or stick.

Here is a picture of him on the front lawn after a run.

Many many compliments on his long hair.  However I do not like how often we have to vacuum.  :)

We are so happy we met with you and your husband.

Take care!


Hi Mary!

Thought I'd drop you a line to tell you about my wonderful puppy.  Willa is growing like a weed, she weighs 43 lbs now.  Everyone who sees her comments on her beauty and personality.  She doesn't bark a lot like many dogs (and I am so appreciative!) and is such a happy puppy.

Today we came back from the vets - I got her spayed, microchip I had an awful time keeping her from running & jumping!  She has so

much energy!

I hope you can see the pictures - not very good, but I have a Willa picture album I'm working on.  I want to get a "real" professional picture soon.

I am planning on taking her to a herding event Saturday (just to watch) at Brigands.  I am excited about getting her involved in this activity.  Also,

I need to find some agility classes near here.  Do you know of anyone teaching Agility?

Hope you doing well, and find some time to relax.

Take care,

Penny R.

Hi Mary!

Just wanted to let you know that we made it home in one piece.  It was WHITE KNUCKLES all the way home!!!!  The conditions were HORRIBLE!  Every time I came to a rest stop, it was either raining or "slushing" too hard to let the dogs run.  We just kept going.  I hydroplaned twice!  Thank goodness my little car has all wheel drive!  It was just BRUTAL!

Puppy did fantastic!  She would whine every once in a while and, if I could spare a hand from the wheel, I would pet her and talk to her.  She had a chewie bone and a big dog biscuit to gnaw on, so she pretty much just slept and kept herself busy.  I had to fill up the car in Red Bluff and the little stink pot OPENED THE CAR DOOR!  I just couldn't believe it!  I am sure I must not have shut it all the way, I was totally exhausted by then.  I grabbed for the door and she jumped into my arms.  Gave me lots and lots of puppy love and kisses!

I was sure she would not sleep last night and I had pretty much resigned myself to no rest at all.  I started out with her and Gryffin and my two little dogs (a Cairn and a toy Schnauzer) all on the bed with me (thank goodness I have a king-sized bed!).  I was going to put her in her crate after she settled a bit and I totally zonked out and woke up about four hours later with her snuggled against my neck.  I decided not to rock the boat, so she slept very peacefully, ALL NIGHT, snuggled next to momma!  I believe she is going to rule me with a FIRM PAW!  My son just loves her!  Still have not decided on a name yet, but the "debates" on it HAVE BEGUN!

Oh yeah, how about "Yoshee" for a "Y" name?  My son thought that was a riot!  He is really into video games.  I was leaning towards either Portia or Emma for a call name, but Matt (my son) vetoed both and so the debate will rage on until we come up with just the right name!

I will take her to the vet this afternoon, after work, for her check up and vaccinations.  She was NOT happy when I left her this morning in her yard.  She followed me everywhere this morning as I did my chores and got ready for work.  She never once tried to potty in the house!  She is VERY smart!  I just hope I can live up to HER potential!  Thanks again for allowing me to adopt one of your babies!

Dorothy B.


I hope this finds you and your family in good health.  I thought you might like a brief update on Mara.  I will start by apologizing for not having a photo to attach as I am doing this from my office computer.

Mara is an absolutely terrific dog.  She has a toy in her mouth 24/7 and is always ready to go fetch a ball or "fight" with a big knotted rope.  She follows me from room to room and is a shadow whenever I'm home.  If I'm not around she will "adopt" someone else in the house to follow around.  She seems to have instinctively recognized both of my daughters as family members when they have visited.

Her obedience is pretty good in the House and on a leash.  When I've been able to take her to a field and work her on either a long line or off leash she's very good.  My sense is that she is more accustomed to working in a field situation than she is walking on the sidewalk.  I've taken her to shopping malls, pet stores and other tempting locations and she has shown very good restraint and control in dealing with other dogs and human distractions.

We have had only a minimum number of problems.  A couple of accidents in the house which I think were due to her getting a bowl full of city water.  And a couple of chewed corners on two antique chairs-not to worry though Caroline took her anger out on me.

By the way, she has put on a few pounds.  When she first arrived she was around 74 pounds and I'm going to guess that she's seven to 10 pounds heavier than that now.  She gets at least three long (30 minute plus) walks a day in addition to roughhousing with me.

Anyway, we love her and can't imagine what it would be like to not have her around.  So, thanks again.  Hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday.  And I promise to send a picture one of these days.




Merry Xmas to you. The best present of the year filled a big hole in hearts, that was left with the passing of Bella. I think they are naming him Cody but the best news is that he hasnt had a single accident and appears to be totally house trained!!!

The other dogs are respecting him completely and Dallas and Brooke are hovering over him like their own pup.

Thanks so very much.

Love the McNutts