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VA Griff v TeMar SchH3 Kkl1a
Fun Canadian Nationals event
this past week!
Griff placed 6th at the Canadian
IPO Championship and VA3 at
the Sieger Show, Griff is the
2013 Canadian Universal Sieger
and will represent Canada at the
2014 WUSV Universal. He also
received high protection
performance award. Now Griff
will take a rest for a while.
Every now and again, there comes a dog that exceeds your expectations and imagination. Griff happens to be that dog for us. This page is about Griff v TeMar and his journey with his owner and trainer, Karen Sinclair.

Griff’s mother is Ule v TeMar a daughter of VA Ghandi v Arlett. Karen trained her and went on to win the Universal Sieger Competition. His father is the noteworthy producer VA Dux de Cuatro Flores.

Griff has been following in his mother’s footsteps and surpassing expectations every year- winning multiple performance awards at the North American Sieger Show and the USA Sieger Show, he is qualified to represent Canada in the Universal Sieger Show Competition 2013 in Belgium and to top it all, Griff represented Canada in the WUSV Schutzhund Competition competing successfully against the best of the best in the world. This is truly an extradorinary achievement for any dog - especially originating from show lines.

Griff has added another feather of accomplishment in his hat! He was recently crowned “VA” at the Canadian Sieger Show.